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Patient Reflections

From Suffering Comes Compassion

Reprinted with permission from the April 2008 edition of The BrainStorm,  a monthly publication of NAMI Mid-Carolina

"I want to share my personal experience with mental illness and a research study in which I participated. In the first part of 2006 I found myself unemployed, without a home, and in treatment at Marshall Street crisis intervention center. This is where I met Anna and Dr. Bruce from USC’s Research Team. Never having been a volunteer in a research study before, I had no idea what to expect. At every visit I was treated with warmth and respect by everyone from the receptionist Bren to Dr. Narasimhan. Dr. Narasimhan even shared her lunch with me during one visit. The medication took away my cravings and the need to use drugs and alcohol. I began to think more clearly and feel better. Today I am not using drugs and alcohol at all. I am grateful for this, and for the research team of Dr. Narasimhan, Dr. Bruce, Frank, Anna, Joan, and Suzanne."

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