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Meera Narasimhan, M.D. 

Since its inception in 2004, The Division of Biological Research has become a well established research division, with several ongoing clinical trials exploring cutting edge treatment with various psychopharmacological and somatic treatment. Dr. Narasimhan, a psychopharmacologist, is the Principal Investigator in ongoing clinical trials involving the treatment of patients with dual diagnosis, schizophrenia, treatment resistant depression, autism and bipolar disorder. Collaborative partners include Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Narasimhan has been involved in some of the pivotal studies exploring the neurobiology of depression. Her expertise includes neuroendocrine, neurochemical, and molecular aspects of stress and neurobiology of depression and PTSD. Dr. Narasimhan also has expertise in novel investigational tools such as involvement in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. She and her collaborators have presented their work at national and international meetings.
Dr. Narasimhan also serves as the Director of Research Initiatives for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. They recently received a grant contract with NASMHPD Research Institute and NIMH to establish "State Policy Labs" that would help make policy decisions to better serve our clients.

Dr. Narasimhan has been conducting health outcomes research related to individuals with mental illnesses with and without comorbid substance abuse for the past 13 years. After completing a psychiatric residency at Yale University Department of Psychiatry, she went on to complete a Fellowship in psychopharmacology and research.

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