Research Team

"In research every day is discovery day. In addition to daily learning, I enjoy the individualized, quality care we are able to provide to participants while in the studies."
— Suzanne M. Hardeman, MRC, MSN, LPC, PMHNP-BC

Suzanne M. Hardeman, MRC, MSN, LPC, PMHNP-BCSuzanne M. Hardeman, MRC, MSN, LPC, PMHNP-BC, a nurse practitioner, serves as Program Manager for the Research Team. She is board certified in Child and Family Psychiatry and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Suzanne has extensive experience in psychiatry and mental health with over 30 years experience in a variety of positions within both in-patient and community settings. She has an extensive background in treating and counseling people with PTSD. Suzanne has worked with trauma victims in the military setting, homeless shelters and with children in foster care and been involved in child abuse prevention efforts. In addition to teaching nursing, Suzanne has participated in research related to PTSD, reduction of in-patient recidivism, community risk factors for mental health problems, healthcare disparity and depression. Suzanne assists with medical monitoring of participants and is responsible for overall study management and division operational procedures. Suzanne has co-authored and published articles in Nurse Educator, Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, Perspectives in Psychiatric Care and Psychiatric Services. She can be contacted at

Suzanne Speaks on the Prevalence of Substance Abuse